About us

Restaurant "Stari Most" was opened recently, but our kitchen exudes tradition of top culinary specialties, you only for your palate prepared by top Bosnian and Dalmatian chefs cuisine and dishes from the grill masters. Be prepared for gastronomic pleasure and selection of the best of these two traditional cuisine. Fish, olive oil, home grown vegetables, Adriatic salt - a traditional Dalmatian dishes combining the best and most delicious of the Mediterranean influences. Since reaching a memorable meal in the 
Adriatic has been prepared in tasty but also healthy way. Take a look at our menu and rediscover the ancient Dalmatia.

And for lovers of grilled dishes we offer best - the most delicious meat and side dishes on your plate not only to quench your hunger, but also provide a delight for the palate. Are you hungry? Morning is the most important part of the day in your daily diet. Choose our brunch at prices starting from 30 HRK!

Find us on Benkovacka Cesta 8, where food is served with love and care.
Restaurant Stari Most ... For true gourmets.

History of Bosnia and history of Dalmatia are written in stone - ancient tombstones and Dalmatian rocks reveal to us the secret of the past. But Culinary history of these two sites is very different. Restaurant Stari Most offers the best of both cuisines.
Taste Bosnia praised in sevdah, dug into the rock recorded in the poetry of Mak Dizdar, where prayer on bread recorded in every traditional recipe.

Try our Bosnian pies. Carefully stowed homemade dough fills up with meat, cheese or vegetables and baked under the lid.

Taste Travnik chevap from the kitchen of the Stari Most, the recipe dating back more than four decades, the city that is in his works described
the Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andric.
Bosnian meal finished the Sarajevo beer. The restaurant Stari Most Bosnia taste of the past.